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Arcus Pace - Arch of Peace

It's Latin. Pronounced ɑhr-kəs pah'cheh

Arcus Pace is a communications firm that helps business leaders and individuals construct meaningful change by transforming difficult circumstances that cost money, hurt reputations, and stall growth. Our approach is unique because we integrate certified mediation and professional business training with small-business leadership experience and diverse communications expertise. We provide strategic communications counsel, compelling narratives, media-relations coaching, and conflict resolution.

Building bridges, making connections, and cultivating prosperity and well-being for all – this is what Arcus Pace is about.



Activate voices in ways that others can hear, understand, and act on.



A world in which people work together toward collective peace and prosperity.


opens doors

Appreciation enables greatness

Generosity enriches
the giver

We need

each other

Prosperous humans depend on a healthy planet

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Heidi de Laubenfels’ background combines extensive journalism experience with consulting work and senior management at companies large and small. Her desire is to activate voices in ways others can hear, understand, and act on.

Heidi is a certified mediator and communications consultant with a deep appreciation for other people’s unique strengths. Through her expertise, Heidi supports others to resolve conflict, build fantastic teams, and win over skeptics. She crafts thoughtful, targeted action plans that make the most of limited resources to achieve personal and organizational goals.

Heidi is a volunteer with a rich extracurricular life in leadership and community-building.

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